Academic Tutoring

Tutoring for Students of International Curriculums from Grades 6 to 12 in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Science and Business Studies

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Exam Preparation

Preparation Programs (IGCSE, A-Levels, IBDP). Get-Ready for your upcoming grade. SAT II Subject Preparations


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Professional Training

Customised Training for Corporates and Professionals. Technical Training for the Telecom Industry


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Academic Tutoring

Tutoring packages are available for students from Grade 6 to 12 who are pursuing International Curriculum programs at school. Small Group sessions are available in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Sciences and Business Studies for all levels. Students are expected to participate atleast 2 sessions per subject / week

Exam Preparation

For students in higher grades (Grade 10 to 12) we provide focused “Exam Preparation Programs” for the IGCSE, AS/A-Levels, and IBDP exams. We also provide term-holiday packages to “Get-Ready” for your upcoming grade at school. For students going to university we provide SAT II (Subject SAT) and UN exam preparation packages

Professional Training

We develop and deliver customised training for corporate customers and industry professionals. Trainings are available both in physical (classroom) sessions as also via our online training portal Pinnacle eUniversity. For the Telecom industry, we provide specialised Technical training packages based on the latest technologies / needs

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PLC Bintaro hold 2017 Mock Exams (Try Out) for IB and A-Levels

The Students

Students gather at PLC Bintaro lobby for the 2017 Mock Exam sessions

The Exams

Students in one of the exam classrooms doing the Mock Exams

The Tutors

PLC Binato Tutors take a well deserved break after the Mocks


Bintaro Team gather for a celebratory lunch after the successful mocks

What Makes Us Different

Pinnacle is run and managed by a team of professionals with diverse educational backgrounds. Our team are familiar with the requirements of international academic curriculums and have substantial experience in managing professional training organisations. Our core values are centred around delivering high quality learning through personalised, interactive and comprehensive engagement.

In academic tutoring, we believe that the “small-group” method fosters an environment of social learning allowing students to enhance their learning through interaction with others. Our tutors are trained in international curriculums and focus to revisit concepts and learning fundamentals for our students, so as to build confidence and trust. Our Pinnacle Learning Centres provide a conducive state-of-the-art environment providing students an active learning environment with a strong focus on academic excellence.

Our professional training team, focus on providing quality learning for our corporate customers in a range of Life-Skills including technical, vocational, communication and business training. We provide both customised (classroom) training as also a range of on-line learning packages along with our partners through our Pinnacle eUniversity portal.

Efficient and Balanced Learning

Social Interaction and networking for a fun learning environment

Maximize grasp by creating a conceptual foundation

Assessments providing structured practices and feedback

Review and Revision using simple, concise and clear tools

Tailored learning creates personalized and focused sessions

International Curriculum

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO)

Advanced Placement (AP)


UN for International Curriculum Students

Core Values

World Class Learning Environment

International Academic Curriculum

Skilled Tutors and Trainers

Nurturing Communications and Soft Skills

Contribution to Society and Community

Classrooms and Facilities

Students and Parents Testimonials


Binus School Simprug

“Pinnacle has help me catch up with topics I didn’t completely understand before”


British School

“Scored much better in my exams, thanks to Pinnacle for the great improvement”


British School

“The studying environment is pleasant and peaceful which I personally think is a great place to think and focus”

 Ivan Susanto

Binus School Simprug

“Good teachers and facilities”


Binus School Simprug

“Pinnacle is a life saver :)”


Grade 12 Binus Simprug

“Great teachers, great experience”


Binus School Simprug

“A great motivation that rewards my genius intellectual capabilities!”


Binus School Simprug

“Pinnacle helped me a lot in my studies at school and helped me increase my grades”


Binus School Simprug

“The teacher is like a calculator, he is so clever”


Global Jaya

“I love Pinnacle, it really helps me improve my grades”


Binus School Simprug

“Pinnacle helps improve my grade in biology ;)”

Thank you for the very good support you are providing us in tutoring Juna in Physics. Due to your work with her and her focused study, she already does understand very well the physics concepts taught at school and has achieved very positive results with her tests recently. This is very good sign for a sound learning foundation in Physics and I thank you again for your quality work

Denada Stottele Ishmi

Mother of Juna


Satisfied Parents


Grade Improvement


Exam Success

Happy Students

“My daughter, Stephanie was to take the IGCSE examinations in the Summer of 2012. I felt that she needed some extra tutoring to guide her through her revisions as well as to fill any gaps in her understanding. It was very difficult to find a suitable tutoring centre in Jakarta. Most centres in Jakarta cater to the local curriculum, which is all in Bahasa Indonesia. The topics are also not relevant to my daughter’s examinations. Thankfully, we discovered Pinnacle just before the exams. The staff and tutors at Pinnacle devised a customised revision program that ensured Stephanie is able to revise adequately in the short span of time. The pleasant and peaceful environment at Pinnacle is also very conducive for studying, which did soothe the revision stresses that Stephanie had. I highly recommend Pinnacle”

Elvie Xie

Mother of Stepanie

“My daughter, Katarina hated Maths. Any mention about Maths and she would shutdown. We have tried sending her to numerous tutoring classes, including Kumon. While she did well at Kumon, her exams results at school showed otherwise. Frankly, we really didn’t know what else to do. Then we found Pinnacle. The one thing that was distinct with Pinnacle was that the staff and tutors believed in Katarina. They believed that she would overcome her hatred for Mathemathics. Believed that she would gain the confidence required to master the subject. And that made the difference! Coupled with the individualised tutoring provided, Katarina improved by leaps and bounds. We were definitely pround parents when she was recently awarded the Most Improved Student in her school.”

Bambang Christianto

Father of Katarina

PinnacleGET Learning Centres and Offices

Learning Centre Indonesia

Pondok Indah: Plaza 5, Blok B-7, Jl. Margaguna Raya Jakarata 12140

Pondok Indah

Learning Centre Indonesia

Bintaro: Ruko Kebayoran Arcade II Block B2, no.18 Bintaro Jaya


Corporate Headquarters

Singapore: 100 Tras Street No. 16-03, 100 AM Singapore 079027

Curriculum Development Centre

Australia: 245 Gallaghers Road, Glen Waverley, Melbourne VIC 315

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