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International Curriculum

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Education for International Curriculum

Today, there are a wide range of international schools in Indonesia that provide structured education for preschoolers through to pre-university entrants. These schools generally adopt one of the standard international curriculums such as Cambridge International Examinations; International Baccalaureate Organisation, etc.

In general, international schools and education boards have unilaterally adopted the principles and foundations for a modern and effective curriculum for the 21st century. As such, although each board is distinctive; the curricula offered have common themes, educational goals and outcomes for their students. Furthermore, the educational progression of students through these formative years at school, are universal.

What Curriculum does Pinnacle offer?

Pinnacle has expertise and extensive knowledge of the common themes across the different international curricula. Accordingly, the tutoring program at Pinnacle encompass the curricula from the following (but not limited to):

  • Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) 100% 100%
  • International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) 100% 100%
  • EDEXCEL 100% 100%
  • Advanced Placement 100% 100%

Pinnacle’s tutoring program aims to complement the educational goals set out by every learner’s school or education board. Pinnacle subscribes to a student-centred approach. Our individualised program for each learner is designed based on the knowledge of goals and requirements. The framework of the program will then be mapped and aligned to the individual goals, outcomes and curriculum targets.

Additionally, the small-group session approach allows for Pinnacle to take account of the complex array of different factors; including individual learning styles and abilities. These are also incorporated into the individualised tutoring program.

What subjects and grades?

The central tenet of the tutoring programs at Pinnacle is discipline-based learning. We focus on strengthening and reinforcements of key concepts in the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Mathematics and Business Studies. All our programs are taught in the English language.

By encouraging active learning, learners develop a deeper understanding of discipline-based concepts.

Learners at Pinnacle are typically in the 11-18 years range (Grade 6 to 12).

Quality Control

Tutors – All our tutors have at least a Bachelor’s degree in their discipline and are graduates of top universities. They are carefully selected and screened before being trained and certified by Pinnacle to effectively, efficiently and confidently help learners learn. Tutors are periodically subjected to peer review and self-assessments.

Tutoring Methodology and Materials – The Pinnacle Way – encompassing active learning and multimedia course materials have been proven to provide excellent outcomes for learners. The course materials are continually improved and upgraded; utilising feedback from learners and tutors, teacher-developed materials and commercial programs.

To improve and advance learner experience, understanding and retention levels, the inclusion of any new and proven research-based strategies and methodologies into the Pinnacle Way will ensue.

Curriculum is not static: Schools and many of the education boards periodically change or update. Pinnacle will and can adapt to these changes as it happens and without delay.

Our core values are centred on delivering high quality learning through personalised, interactive and comprehensive engagement.

In addition to strong academic excellence, Pinnacle strongly believes in nurturing self-confidence and international exposure for every child.

Through our programs we strive to reach out to educational and vocational students throughout Indonesia.

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