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Pinnacle Global Education and Training

 High Quality, Global Learning Solutions

About Us and Our Story

Pinnacle is an Education and Training Service Provider. Our key focus is in providing high quality tailored tutoring to students, and training solutions to professionals in Asia.

  • Over 1,000 students have benefitted the “Pinnacle Way” 100% 100%
  • Tutor Certification Program drives high quality learning 100% 100%
  • Customised tutoring materials follow latest curriculum 100% 100%
  • Professional and technical training deliveries ongoing 100% 100%
  • Responsible contribution to society and community 100% 100%

Our Programs

Our academic tutoring programs are specifically designed for students of international curriculums. Our training materials are continuously updated to the latest curriculum changes and focus on technical subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Sciences using English as the main language of instruction.

We maintain our high quality focus through a combination of: in-house training for our staff (Tutor Certification Program); continuous content management development (Knowledge Base); and, the use of online resources and IT tools (LMS and e-Learning) for deliveries.

Pinnacle is run and managed by a team of professionals with diverse educational backgrounds. Our team are familiar with the requirements of international academic curriculums and have substantial experience in managing professional training organisations. We established our first centre in Puri Indah, Jakarta in 2011; and subsequently launched additional centres in Indonesia at Pondok Indah, Jakarta in 2012, followed by Bukit Darmo, Surabaya and Bintaro, Tangerang in 2013. We are open to eager to consider further growth and expansion with suitable partners in Indonesia and elsewhere.

Our Values

Our core values are centred on delivering high quality learning through personalised, interactive and comprehensive engagement.

In academic tutoring, our “small-group” method fosters an environment of social learning allowing students to enhance their learning through interaction with others (Active Learning). Pinnacle tutors are extensively trained in international curriculums and utilise our latest in-house training materials. Our tutors aim to help students build their subject confidence and trust by revisiting key concepts and learning fundamentals. Tutoring sessions are delivered at our modern Pinnacle Learning Centres which support an active learning environment along with a focus on academic excellence.

Our professional training team, focus on providing quality learning for our corporate customers in a range of Life-Skills including technical, vocational, communication and business training. We provide both customised (classroom) training as also a range of on-line learning packages.

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