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Academic Tutoring

Our Tutoring programs are geared towards students who are keen to improve on their general understanding of certain subjects as also their confidence and exam performance. Tutoring is available in technical subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Sciences. Tutoring sessions are designed to complement the courses taught to students in their respective schools and colleges. Our programs follow the latest curricula of: Cambridge International Examinations (IGCSE, AS and A-Levels); International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma); EDEXCEL; and Advanced Placement (AP). We also provide tutoring for students sitting for the SAT II (Subject SAT) exams.

Pinnacle offers 3 methods of delivery, depending on the needs of the student:

Small-Group Tutoring: Our preferred approach for tutoring is the “small-group” method (with upto 4 students per class). PLC classrooms are designed around the small-group approach and sessions are available throughout the academic year. This delivery method ensures adequate student engagement and comprehension of the subjects and concepts taught at school. It also ensures consistent learning based on Pinnacle’s specially designed tutoring materials

Examination Excellence: Prior to examinations, Pinnacle provides ‘crash’ courses and drills to ensure students master key concepts, revise on past exam papers, and more importantly, get tips and tricks to excel in their examinations. Our “Exam Prep Programs” (EEP) are intensive, with upto 3 sessions a week for 8 to 12 weeks and comprise upto 10 students per class. During term breaks we provide “Get Ready Programs” to help students prepare and get ready for their next grade at school.

We specialise in tutoring for the IGCSE, AS / A-Level and IB exams. Subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Sciences are taught at all levels (HL/SL, etc).

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